Edelweiss Flowers

Edelweiss flower (Anaphalis javanica) plants are one of the most popular and widely known plants of plants, these plants are usually found in highlands such as mountains, hills and others. In addition, this edelweiss plant belongs to a genus consisting of 1,600-1,700 spreading in different parts of the world, and also has 30,000 species species even more.

    Edelweiss flower only can grow optimally in highlands, which is about 2000 - 3000 meters above the surface of the sea and need a lot of sunlight.

If these plants are allowed to grow branches firmly enough, edelweis can be a nesting place for the cunning stone stones Myophonus glaucinus . Edelweiss sections are often picked and brought down from the mountains for aesthetic and spiritual reasons, or just a souvenir by climbers.

One of the best places to see edelweis is in Tegal Alun ( Gunung Papandayan ), Surya Kencana Square ( Gunung Gede ), Mandalawangi Square ( Gunung Pangrango ), and Plawangan Sembalun ( Gunung Rinjani ).

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