Holiday Plan

Hi everyone!! I'm back

Today,  Faza and me wanna tell you about our holiday plan for December's long holiday. Let's start telling our plans..


Faza    : Hi Muthia, do you already have plans for December holiday?
Muthia: Yes, i already have.
Faza    : Oh ya? What's your plan?
Muthia: I'm planning a trip to Japan with my family.
Faza    : Really? I also want to go there!
Muthia: What will you do in Japan?
Faza    : I am going to watch the concert and meet & greet with Shawn Mendes.
Muthia: Shawn will hold a concert in Japan? Really?
Faza    : Yes, the concert is going to be held on 18 December
My Unforgettable Experience

I have lot of unforgettable experience, but i wanna tell one of the my unforgettable experience.

Once upon a time when i was second grade of elementary school, my friends and i will do sports at my school. When me and my friends go down, one of my friends pulled me and then i fall on the asphalt. It was very painful. My mouth is torn and i loose one of my teeth. So many blood out of my mouth. I was cry and then my teacher came. She said to me to stop crying and then she bring me to the class.
And then my teacher treat my wounds and then my friends came and they asked my situation. Then my friend who pulled me apologize and promise not to repeat again. I was feel angry but then i forgive. Then my teacher and my friends take me home and my mom bring me to doctor. And the next day my friends came to my house and bring a lot of food but i can't chew foods. It's so sad.
But i was very grateful to Allah to gived me teacher and friends like them. I …

My New Friend


Muthia : Ughh..i've been very hungry. Faza     : Yes, me too. I've been waiting for 15 minutes.  Muthia : By the way, what's your name? Faza     : My name is Faza, and you? Muthia : My name is Muthia, do you come here often? Faza     : Yes, because a lot of food here are delicious. Muthia : Oh really? this is my first time here. Faza     : Yes, you have to try strawberry pancake because it's verry delicious. Muthia : Okay i will try because i love so much strawberry. Except pancake, what's your favourite menu in here? Faza     : My favourite is spaghetti carbonara. Muthia : Ohh i love it too. Faza     : Anyway, where do you live? Muthia : I live in Antapani, and you? Faza     : I live in Ciwastra. Muthia : Look!! there are mv from Shawn Mendes. I love his songs so much. Faza     : Yes, me too. Have you heard Aftertaste? Muthia : Yes, i love this song so much. Faza     : Okay, i think i have to go. Nice to meet you. Muthia : Nice to meet you too.
Hello my new friends!!

 Let me introduce myself.

My name is Muthia Naila Putri Yudia. But you can call me 'Muthia'. I was born in Purwakarta,08 April 2002. I live in Jl.Kadipaten 13 no.11 Antapani, Bandung.

I live with my uncle and aunt. Actually i come from Purwakarta. I have 2 younger brothers.One of them is studying at grade 7 and another one is 2 years. I was live in Bandung since 2014.

I was study at SDP Al-Muhajirin Purwakarta, then i moved to Bandung amd study at SMP Darul Hikam Bandung. And now i studying at SMAN 3 Bandung.

My hobbies are travelling, listen to the music, and watching movie or drama. I and my family love travelling because its so fun.

My favourite foods are pasta, fried chicken, and all my cuisine parents. And my favourite place is beach. Because i can play the sands with my family.

My favourite songs are all songs of One Direction because i'm directioners. I was directioners since 2015. I wish One Direction comming back from they're hiatus. And…